Tuesday, August 31

Traveling to Thailand – Only for FOOD!

The beauty and the richness of the heritage and culture of Thailand are undeniable. But one of the nicest parts about traveling in this gorgeous country is that you get to eat Thai food every day!


The cuisine of Thailand is a wide and varied one – the range of Thai food is truly incredible. Generally, a Thai meal will feature soup, something fried, such as ginger fish, a salad called yam, which is served hot, and a dish with gravy and meat and vegetables. And a choice of sauces makes the meal even more interesting. Food is generally shared at a table, with plenty of options for everyone. Rice, noodles, fiery gravies – food that simply melts in the mouth.


Fresh ingredients are a key element of Thai food. Common ingredients include bamboo shoots, leafy vegetables, different kinds of meat, coconut, and of course, a whole lot of spices. Thai food is extremely spicy, with the generous use of both green and red chilies. Seafood is a popular ingredient, and dishes such as Tom Yam Kung or spicy shrimp soup of the ‘fruit of the sea’. The distinct flavor of lemongrass is a feature of many Thai preparations. The most popular Thai dishes include satay, a kind of grilled chicken, pad Thai or noodles, Kaeng Khiao Wan Kai which is a Green Chicken Curry, Kaeng Phet Pet Yang or a delicious Roast Duck Curry and Yam Nua, a lip smacking spicy beef salad. You’ll discover your own favorites!


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