Friday, August 27

Israel Travel Cell Phones Information – “The Holy Land”

Israel has always been a standout destination. From the days of prophets to the modern day nomad this tiny slice of land on the eastern Mediterranean has long attracted visitors. While some arrive in the ‘Holy Land' on a spiritual quest, many others are on cultural tours, beach holidays and Eco-tourism trips.

Incredibly, no matter how many times you travel through this unique miniature Holy Land, there is always something you didn't notice before – or a new feature to explore. Biblical battles were fought here — and modern ones as well. Here in the valley the sun stood still for Joshua and gave him a victory over 5 Canaanite armies. Here Judah the Maccabees lured the Greeks into a trap. And here, heavy fighting took place between Israeli forces and the Arab Legion during the War of Independence.


One favorite stop in the park is an enormous construction site, an all-too familiar scene in Israel. Cranes carry heavy blocks from building to building, while tiny people check out model apartments and landscape developers beautify completed projects. Trucks move back and forth, even giving off that annoying beep that tells you to move out of the way as they back up!


Most of all, Israel is about its incredibly diverse population. Jews come from all over the world to live here, while about 20% of the population is Muslim. Politics are hard to get away from in Israel as everyone has an opinion on how to move the country forward - with a ready ear you're sure to hear opinions from every side of the political spectrum.


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  1. thank you for the important recommend. i am go to travel in israel next month and i will take this offer to my attention.

  2. Me and my family just came back from the Holly Land, a fifth for us all :) We walked the path of our Lord Christ and saw some breath taking view...It was truly magnificent!