Wednesday, September 1

Traveling to UK : UK Travel Tips

American & English culture is quite Diverse and there are quite a few important Etiquette to keep in mind while traveling to UK. Anytime you are in a public place you need to not only be aware of your own behavior, but to respect those around you. The English embrace a no touching culture so it is important to know not to crowd or touch other people. Additionally, there is a hand gesture known to Americans as the “victory” sign but is considered vulgar to the British. It is best to avoid hand gestures altogether.

Waiting in line, whether at a museum, library or other public attraction is a never-ending occurrence in Great Britain. This is called “queuing” and the British are famous for forming lines or queues even at intersections. Keep alert and always go to the end of the line and wait quietly.

All traffic movement on sidewalks and streets is the opposite of the United States. Everyone drives and walks on the left side. One exception to this rule is when using an escalator. Just as in the U.S., escalator etiquette requires that you always stand to the right and allow others to pass on the left side of the steps.

American and British English often have different meanings. For example, a tourist should know that an elevator is a lift, a restroom is a loo, a trash can is a dustbin, a drug store is a chemist, cookies are biscuits, French fries are chips, potato chips are crisps, sausages are bangers and the closest thing to an English muffin is a crumpet.

Also keep in mind if you are traveling to UK, taking a cell phone solution that works in London, Newport, Liverpool, Orkney islands or any of the other areas you are visiting will provide you with peace of mind and smoother overall travel experience. Shipped directly to your door prior to your departure, UK cell phone solutions will solve your communication needs in all of UK.

A UK SIM card for a GSM international cell phone is the most convenient and economical calling solution while you travel UK . The UK SIM card includes FREE incoming calls with service across UK . Pay the local rate for local calls and use a cellular phone in UK like you do at home. And unlike home, your UK SIM card and cell phone service is free of a contract or minimum commitment.

Finally, there’s an old saying in England that there’s no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes! To be well prepared, be sure to have plenty of rain gear on hand for your trip including umbrellas, affectionately known “across the pond” as “brollies.” 

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