Thursday, August 12

International Travel - Smash Roaming!

While most Americans have endorsed the convenience of using cellphones, trying to dial from overseas often brings heavy surprises in a the form of Phone Bills. Travelers can avoid sky-high roaming charges by replacing their American SIM cards with ones of the countries they planned to Travel from a US Based Firm named RebelFone.

Using a Temporary Travel Cellular SIM Card in your unlocked GSM tri- or quad-band phone or device would bring along a complete peace of mind experience on your next travel overseas. When it comes to overseas calling, nothing can get better than using a destination specific SIM Cards. That way, you will pay the Country calling rates which are fractions of roaming rates with free incoming calls from anywhere in the world. Besides the unlimited free incoming calls, you would get lowest call back charges to USA, Low Text + Data Charges, Local calls at a discounted price & more.

This option will only work if your mobile phone is compatible with 900 , 1800 MHz Freq(Global Freq) and is not locked by the service provider meaning that it will accept SIM cards other than those from just the U.S. carriers.(Ex: AT&T generally Lock the i Phone & would not unlock it) If you are with Verizon, Alltel or Sprint then you, only have an option of renting a Cell Phone for your international travel as there is a compatibility issue with CDMA Phones. Renting an international cellular phone from RebelFone at $1/day is a Reliable, Convenient and Cost effective option while traveling abroad.

RebelFone has alliance with 38 International Service providers worldwide for that perfect reception on a foreign land to make it reliable Connection , It's convenient as the customers can order the Rentals or a destination specific SIM Cards using a Online Transaction on RebelFone's e-com website and the Package would be delivered at your US Address prior to yoor planned trip, It's Cost effective as RebelFone offerscompetitive wireless solutions at wholesale rates for customers traveling around the world.

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