Wednesday, August 25

Avoid Large phone bills! while Traveling to China

Much different from all the other places in the world to travel China offers a unique experience experience. My heart started to beat faster, breathing became more labored, the landscape increasingly looking austere and moonish. The Tibetan antelopes galloped in the distance. I started to cry, for no reason, That’s probably the art of travel.


Frequent travelers may want to consider another money-saving technique: replacing a phone’s American SIM card (the little electronic memory card that identifies and configures your phone) with a local (or country-specific) SIM card. In general, when you do that, all incoming calls will be free and outgoing calls (local or international) can be significantly cheaper.

If you want an international cell phone service, you will need a phone that is GSM compatible and SIM-unlocked. An often described global phone, travel mobile, travel phone or world phone is merely a GSM mobile phone that operates on the quad- band frequencies. In case you don't have a quad band or unlocked cell phone , you can also rent a unlocked phone compatible for use in China.


RebelFone offer China SIM Card , a local service here in US at the wholesale rates to save clients up-to 85% on international roaming. China SIM Card includes FREE incoming calls with service across China plus lowest call charges.

Don't have a Unlocked Cell , explore the options of buying a China- compatible cell phone from RebelFone, renting a China Cell Phone at $1 a day. Rent a Cell with a Free Activated China SIM & you are ready to stay connected to your friends & Family where-ever you go.

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