Saturday, August 28

Mexico Travel Guide – Renting a Cell Phone

Mexico is a great destination, and has a lot to offer to travelers. Whether you decide to visit the beautiful beaches famous around the world, historical cities from the time of the Spanish colony and archeological sites of cultures such as the Maya, Olmeca and Azteca among others, beautiful national parks in deserts, mountains and forests, or just hang out in one of the modern cities, you will enjoy Mexico holidays any time of the year.


For those looking for an active vacation, Mexico offers golf courses, scuba diving and lots of mountains to go hiking in, including cloud rainforest in Chiapas. Archeological sites in Mexico are vast, one should keep in mind Teotihuacan, Chichen Itza, Palenque, El Tajin and Monte Alban among just a few.



Cell phone rental in Mexico is really quite simple if you know the basics. Having a rental cell phone can be a tremendous time saver and can alleviate a lot of stress if you are away from a landline. If you are using your cell phone that is still on a North American service, it will work fine; however, your next invoice is going to be rather haunting.


In order to save yourself being ripped off due the international roaming take a local service before you leave for your trip. Like the one offered by RebelFone a US Based international cellular services company offering discounts and offers for international travelers for their trip abroad.


Mexico SIM Card , a local service here in US at the wholesale rates to save clients up-to 85% on international roaming. Mexico SIM Card includes FREE incoming calls with service across Mexico plus lowest call charges.


Don't have a Unlocked Cell Phone (Quad Band) , explore the options of buying a Mexico- compatible cell phone from RebelFone, renting a Mexico Cell Phone at $1 a day. Mexico Cell Phone package comes with Free Activated Mexico SIM & you are ready to stay connected to your friends & Family where-ever you are in Mexico.

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