Sunday, August 15

Order a Italy Cell Phone in US?

Traveling to Italy, the birth place of Pizza has become very popular over the last few years so there is a rising tide effect for related businesses. With almost 40 million visitors, Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world. Italy has 16 regions and 4 autonomous regions & the area around Venice is the wealthiest region in Europe.

If you need to stay connected, at the most affordable prices, the best option is to rent a cell phone from us. We offer the best rates and service and plus the service is Post-Paid so you don't have to worry about Recharging it. If you are planning on renting one of our Cell phones, or SIM cards for Summer travel, reserve early for complete peace of mind also we have a limited number of cell phones so we do run out sometimes. We have built a wonderful infrastructure to get as many phones to as many people as possible, but there is some limitation.

Our Italy SIM Card comes with unlimited free incoming in Italy ,Lowest call cost to US from anywhere in Italy, No contracts, simply return the SIM after your trip, 24 x 7 Global Support, 365 days a year, Itemized Monthly billing all of this FREE ; you only have to pay for the outgoing calls.

Don't have a Unlocked Cell, struck with your US carrier & they are refusing to unlock your cell phone – Don't worry we also offer Unlocked Italy Cell Phone on rent at $1/Day. Just Rent a Cell with a Free Activated Italy SIM & you are ready to roll to any place on earth, connected to your friends & Family where-ever you go.

Please contact us at 1-800-375-7163 or visit RebelFone to make a reservation today and get the best phone and service for your money!

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