Monday, August 16

Australia Travel - Is it Sustainable?

I know the majority of us like international travel, but what happens when your cell phone rings and you are unable to resist the temptation to answer the phone, knowing that it can be a costly conversation.


There has a survey recently done by Post office Travel Money. The survey asked British families to list their major financial headaches when they took a holiday abroad. Unsurprisingly , 56 percent of parents with kids under 16 yrs of age slated the cost of using the mobile phones overseas. Which can often exceed from the saving found through cheap fares and cheap hotels. The next biggest complaints were the charges levied for using credit cards abroad at 52 percent, while the charges some airlines levied for check in luggage was at 47 percent.


In order to save yourself being ripped off due the international roaming charges families should check excursion and attractive discounts online. Like the one offered by RebelFone a US Based international cellular services company offering discounts and offers for international travelers for their trip abroad.


RebelFone offers international cell phone and Destination specific SIM cards on rent to Travelers going abroad. Let's say you are planning to visit Australia then you can get a Australia SIM Card here in US by a five minute online transaction. Check out the cool offers online and save upto 85% on international roaming. You can also rent an Australia Cell Phone in case you don't have a unlocked cell . Make your vacation or business trip a complete peace of mind experience.

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