Monday, September 13

Looking for your next vacation? Check Out Philippines!

Set off the main backpacker trail, the Philippines is Southeast Asia’s odd man out, but not for want of beauty or things to do. A jigsaw puzzle of more than 7,100 tropical islands, this friendly country serves up delights aplenty for those who dare to be different.

The Philippines have 7,107 islands, which means that we have a lot of shores all over the country. This includes the famous white sand beaches like Boracay, Puerto Galera, Surigao Island, Samal Island, Bohol, Palawan, Sarangani, Subic, Anilao, Hundred Islands, and Camarines Sur.

The most famous white sand in the Philippines is in an island called - Boracay. This beach is known in the world because of the fine white sand and clear water where the sun can be best enjoyed.The Philippines' Underground River shares the spotlight with the Coral Triangle, a multinational participant. Spanning eastern Indonesia, parts of Malaysia, the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste and the Solomon Islands, the Coral Triangle is the global center of marine biodiversity and one of the world's top priorities for marine conservation.
The country has a warm climate and countless places to take a short vacation if you are living in one of the large cities. There is plenty of rain in the rainy season between June and September but the general weather is hot and tropical. You are never more than a few hours away from a nice beach or more mountainous destinations like volcanoes or the rice terraces of somewhere like Banaue.

The price of living in the Philippines is very cheap compared to western countries. A small place could cost as little as $200 a month, but there are also high class condos available for expats. Food can cost next to nothing or if you live somewhere like Makati City in Manila there are many top class international restaurants with every cuisine imaginable available.
The low costs of living make it a great place to work in. The facilities offered to people working in international companies are excellent throughout the country. If you are self employed then of course the lower expenses will really help. The Philippine has an excellent education system so if you want to start a business it is a perfect place to do so to take advantage of the low salaries.
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