Thursday, September 16

Netherlands Holiday Guide

Netherlands the country of tulips, windmills and bicycles stretches out over a predominantly flat landscape of reclaimed land. Sophisticated urban centres and sleepy rural towns are contained within the expansive vistas broken here and there by canals, castle walls and dikes. Europe's most densely populated region is located within an area of the Netherlands called the Randstad. This urban hub is spread in a circle from Amsterdam, and includes The Hague, Rotterdam and Utrecht and the smaller towns of Haarlem, Leiden and Delft. The metropolitan centres buzz with the activity of seasonal festivals, cultural activities, vibrant art scenes and excellent pubs and restaurants.

Most people travelling to the Netherlands head for the unique experience of its capital city, Amsterdam. The other parts are largely unaffected by tourism, particularly the areas outside the Randstad. The southern parts of the country are transformed by undulating landscapes of shifting sands and heath moors, best experienced within the Hoge Veluwe National Park. Still south, tucked between the German and Belgian borders, lies the historical city of Maastricht. But on the changing face of the Netherlands, the windmills are restaurants, the canal barges are tourist tanks, the tulips are growing in the wooden clogs and the tiles are on the wall.

The Netherlands has a reasonably good public transport system, but the payment system is undergoing transformation. Here is a basic guide to tickets, trains, buses, trams, airports and taxis, including information for those with special needs.

The Netherlands offers a wide range of attractions and its trademark culture is certainly worth exploring. Fascinating old cities, picturesque countryside, rich traditions, seasonal events, unique scenery, windmills, art galleries, museums, coffee shops, bars, restaurants – whatever it is you want you'll find it in the Netherlands. Nestled between Belgium and Germany, it is quite easy to reach from France and Great Britain. Modern transportation networks and numerous airports provide simple and quick transportation to and from the Netherlands within all Europe and the other continents. Anyway there are many other interesting places not to be missed during your Dutch adventure. Why not travel to the west of the Netherlands, a region dotted with interesting historical landmarks, abundant in extraordinary cities, such as Leiden, the birthplace of Rembrandt with a beautiful old town or the vibrant port city of Rotterdam.

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