Thursday, September 23

Holiday in Italy

Italy holidays are enchanting. Stay in a luxurious hotel, farmhouse or castle, take a grand train journey through unforgettable scenery or book an exhilarating ski holiday.

The main town of the region is Amalfi, and while expensive, if you shop around you will get good value. Ceramic shops are well worth checking out in this town. It is a good base for exploring the region. The other tourist places that dot the region are Ravello and Positano. Ravello is renowned for the delightful gardens that are located in the mountains overlooking the sea, and Positano to the west coast is a well-established resort for the rich and famous!

European country so basically Italian people do and love the SAME things as other nations , people like a lot to travel and have fun when they can (lately the economy is not so good in Italy) they like to have dinners out and have hobbies as all other westerns people got but a difference between Italians and other nations is that Italians are more oriented in get fun traveling or going out to dinner whilst everywhere else it seems that the "food" issue is less strong but much more strong the "drink" issue so if you come to Italy.

For Lovers of extreme sports such as rock-climbing, hang-gliding and paragliding have options galore. After all, about three quarters of mainland Italy is mountainous. The Italian Alps run across the length of the northern reaches, while the Apennines, the ‘backbone’ extend from the northwest, near Genoa, to the south near Calabria. Operators can advise on the best options, including specialist climbing courses.

We love Italy and Italian culture so much that most people honeymooned and holidayed there, bought a house there, and are now living in Italy for a large part of the year. In doing all that we've absorbed huge amounts of personal knowledge about the culture of Italy - not just academic knowledge but a real, huge, genuine love of and passion for the place, the people and all the Italian culture we can soak up.

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